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If you look around a little, we are sure you will find something that fits your production needs. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive new machine, because we all know that every new machine was manufactured by used machines.


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Stock-#Machine TypeManufacturerModelMach.-Nr.SizeYear of Constr.Regular
Price (€)
Price (€)

Cylindrical Grinding Machines

1865Universal Cylindrical Grinding MachineWMW - ReineckerSU 240×80002910800 mm???5.800,-3.480,-View Offer
1841Universal Cylindrical Grinding MachineMSOFFM-U 130/100016219Mv124381.000 mm???4.750,-2.850,-View Offer

Surface Grinding Machines

1913Surface Grinding MachineJUNGG 6014508600 mm???2.850,-1.710,-View Offer


1836Hydr. HacksawKastoEBS 320 U273463Ø 320 mm???3.650,-2.190,-View Offer

Automatic Band Saw

1916High Performance Automatic Band SawForteFortemat BA 2511169/2326Ø 250 mm???3.250,-1.950,-View Offer

Manual Spindle Presses

1864Electro.-Pneum. Hot stamping press with round table, 6 stationsGierlichPE60005437600 kg???4.850,-2.910,-View Offer
1885Two-Pillar Manual Spindle PressHiller & LutzHILU HP 701047ca. 25 t???2.650,-1.590,-View Offer
1870Two-Pillar Manual Spindle PressAgeoSP 28 / 510108228 t???3.250,-1.950,-View Offer

Sheet Metal- & Profile Steel Shears

1911Sheet Metal- & Profile Steel Shear with notcher and punching pressMUBEAKBL 11107/3019/7ca. 35 t???2.750,-1.650,-View Offer

Swivel Bending Machines

1688Swivel Bending MachineMubeaMCH 1050 x 1.2902/268831.050 mm1991750,-450,-View Offer

Other Machines & Devices

1835Profile ProjectorISOMAM 108 A866477Ø 85 mm???4.680,-2.808,-View Offer
1909Tool presetterZollerV 520210/620 mm20003.850,-2.310,-View Offer
1445feeding device / work-piece-organizer FeldpauschOA 45-L3/L19902.950,-1.770,-View Offer
1803Industrial extraction systemNESTRONE 16010411.780 m³/h19942.180,-1.308,-View Offer


  • If the year of construction is marked “*”, it is the information the prior owner relayed to us or our own estimation.

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We hope that you have found something useful in our stock list.

All machines can be inspected at our warehouse prior to buying.

If not seperately negotiated, we reserve the right to prior sale.

All technical data, information and pictures on this website are non-binding. Errors excepted. The prices are in Euro (€) and  will have an additional 19 % tax added (German “Mehrwertsteuer/Mwst.”) on your invoice. Buyers from foreign countries will pay the net price without an additional tax, if they provide us with their Ident.-Nr.. All prices are ex-works, without packaging or delivery.

The machine will be loaded on a truck free of charge, provided you pick it up at our warehouse. The buyer bears the cost of packaging and delivery. Packaging is done only after the buyer has signed a sales contract.

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