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Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Stanko 3U10A
with internal grinding attachment

manufacturer: Stanko
year of construction:

Special Price: 7.950,- € | now 3.577,50 € +++ SOLD +++

The machine is suitable for:

  • external grinding
  • internal grinding
  • surface grinding
  • taper grinding
  • chamfering
  • angled flat grinding


Technical Data

(According to manufacturer)

centre height: 80 mm
swing-Ø: 160 mm
grinding length: 200 mm

grinding wheel

diameter: 250 mm
largest width: 20 mm
bore-Ø: 51 / 76 mm
largest width of grinding wheel for plunge grinding: 30 mm
grinding wheel speed: 2.690 rpm = 35 m/s

grinding head

rapid traverse: 15 mm
plunge feed:
0,05 – 3.0 mm/Min., infinately adjustable
autom. interval feed: 0,05 – 3.0 mm/Min., infinately adjustable
feed by one revolution of hand wheel:
0,05 mm
largest swivel angle:
30° each
setting by tip-switch regarding diameter: 0,00125  mm

internal grinding attachment

air pressure spindle: 40.000 – 90.000 rpm, infinately adjustable
largest grindable depth: 50 mm, maybe more

headstock spindle

work-piece speeds, adjustable: 100 – 1.000 rpm, infinately adjustable
rotatability of headstock spindle against the grinding wheel:
spindle cone or inner taper of headstock spindle:
MK 3


inner cone of quill: MK 2
quill travel: 15 mm


largest table incline: 6° / 7°
largest cone angle: 12° / 14°
table speed: 0,025 – 1,0 m/min
rough travel by hand wheel: 1 revolution 2,5 mm
fine travel by hand wheel: 1 revolution 0,176 mm

total connected load: ca. 3 kW
ca. 1.900 kg
standing area: W 1,30 x D 2,00 x H 1,60 m
color: blue / grey-white / red



  • rotatable internal grinding attachment
  • manual or automatic operation
  • self-feeding up to 0-limit
  • grinding wheel fine adjustment 0,00125
  • automatic feed works as piercing feed, without feed, table-dependant feed
    only RIGHT / LEFT and RIGHT / only LEFT
  • table feed infinately adjustable
  • workpiece spindle speed infinately adjustable
  • autom. interval feed infinately adjustable
  • plunge feed infinately adjustable
  • internal grinding attachment infinately adjustable
  • upper table for tamper grinding with fine feed and measuring clock holder
  • tailstock can be activated by mechanical lever
  • attachment with measuring clock holder for table pivoting
  • headstock spindle pivotable up to 90°
  • grinding head pivotable up to 30
  • free-standing liquid cooling system, with band filter and magnetic cleaner
  • internal grinding spindle with cone attachment and extraction threading
  • adjustable straight and radial matching device with quick-fastening lever
  • adjustable dressing device for grinding wheel, at tailstock
  • adjustable side and diagonal dressing device with scale, for grinding wheel, with quick-release lever
  • open lunette, adjustable
  • Three-Chuck-fastening buffer Ø 80 mm, with spindle receiver flange
  • fastening clamp buffer, ER 40 with fastening clamp 32 pieces, Ø 4 – 30 mm (unused)
  • 3 pieces grinding wheel flanges
  • 5 pieces grinding wheels, new, in different sizes and grain
  • 2 pieces flow rollers for band filter, new
  • various spare parts: filter, belts, etc.
  • operating manual, detailed and in german


  • If the year of construction is marked “*”, it is the information the prior owner relayed to us or our own estimation.


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